Roccat Kone Pure Color

Roccat Kone Pure Color is a new high-end mouse that features 16.8 million color options and illumination zones for customization. The Roccat Kone Pure Color has an ergonomic design with a textured side grip, comfortable buttons, and a responsive optical sensor that can be customized to different surfaces in the programmable interface. The mouse also offers custom DPI levels up to 8200dpi via the in-game menu or switchable hardware profiles through Shift+1~8 keys on your keyboard! The Roccat Kone Pure Color comes with three sets of interchangeable side grips: small, medium, and large; plus two sets of matching lens covers (smoke or transparent). With its sleek exterior finishing.

Roccat Kone Pure Color
Roccat Kone Pure Color

The Kone Pure Color is a well-rounded gaming mouse with excellent responsiveness and lots of customization options. The sensor has a max DPI of 12000, which is perfect for all types of games from FPS to MMOs. But the best part about this mouse is its customizable buttons and lights that can be customized in more than 16 million different colors.

Roccat is an extreme gaming brand name that has forced itself right into the marketplace in a huge method. They are just one of that businesses that seem to be making all of the right decisions and it paying off. It all goes back to the roots of the company being aimed at players and also being developed by pc gaming lovers. Their initial product release included the Roccat Kone; a computer mouse aimed at basic gaming, enabling you to obtain the greatest performance from your gameplay with a 3200 DPI pro-aim pc gaming sensing unit, a monitoring control system, and also 128KB of onboard memory permitting you to conserve gaming accounts and macros for your preferred features.

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Roccat Kone Pure Color Features

  • Fully adjustable 8200DPI pro-aim (r3) sensor with 41 true DPI setting ranging from 200 to 8200
  • Roccat click master switch tech powered by Omron for precision button activation
  • Easy-shift button duplicator with easy-aim and easy-wheel functions for max command power
  • 32-bit turbo core v2 processor for lightning-fast computing speed
  • Tracking and distance control unit for less pick-up flight and more precise gaming