Roccat Vulcan TKL

The Roccat Vulcan TKL has actually been sitting at the top of my ideal video gaming key-board listing ever since it first came out at the beginning of 2019. Its fantastic develop top quality, and also Roccat’s fantastic mechanical Titan switches were a winning mix in my eyes, so I was added intrigued when they announced that not only were they making a smaller sized, tenkeyless version of the initial Vulcan, the Vulcan TKL, yet that they were likewise introducing two brand-new Vulcan Pro models with their new Titan Optical button too.

Roccat Vulcan TKL
Roccat Vulcan TKL

There are a couple of other functions that make these wonderful keyboards for players. Triggering Video game Setting, for example, secures the Windows secret, so there is no chance of mistakenly striking and leaving your complete screen video game. Using Roccat’s Swarm software suite allows appointing an additional function to practically any kind of secret. There are various other choices too, like switching over to among the Vulcan TKL Pro’s different profiles or open folders as well as applications, along with establishing macro commands and also system faster ways.

In comparing both key-boards, I almost feel poor for the Vulcan TKL. It’s a great keyboard, but for thirty dollars a lot more you might obtain the Vulcan TKL Pro, and also with the optical switches being 40 times faster than mechanical ones and the keys have double the life expectancy of its mechanical equivalent, it simply appears like the general better worth. However, both the Vulcan TKL key-boards remain in the top echelon of mechanical keyboards we’ve evaluated. The tenkeyless layout does not injure any performance as well as it allows for easy travelling and storage space, in addition to liberating work desk leading realty. The key-boards feel strong sufficient where even agitated keying doesn’t daunt it and the ergonomic design hasn’t brought about any wrist discomfort throughout extended use. And for those that think the Vulcan TKL Pro appears outstanding but they prefer a full-size keyboard, there’s the full-size Vulcan Pro for $199.99.

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Roccat Vulcan TKL Key Features

  • ROCCAT® Titan Switch Linear (1.4mm actuation, linear)
  • 50 million keystroke life-cycle
  • Compact TKL form factor
  • Integrated settings memory
  • ROCCAT® Easy-Shift[+]™ technology
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 based processor
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • ROCCAT® Swarm software suite