Roccat Swarm Software Download, Install and Support

The Roccat Swarm software application is incredibly tough to set up as well as update. Practically every time a new Roccat product comes in for testimonial, I experience the exact same dance: Introduce Swarm, try to use the automated updater, locate that the automatic updater accidents the program, restart my computer, run the program as an administrator, tremble my head as the Swarm update hangs indefinitely, uninstall Swarm, set up a tidy variation from the website, sacrifice poultry to quell the excellent snake Xiuhcoatl, run the in-app updater again, as well as merely expect the most effective. At this moment, the process functions; in some cases, it does not.

Roccat Swarm
Roccat Swarm

Once it’s installed, Swarm is perfectly appropriate, although it’s still not quite as much as the criteria of similar programs like SteelSeries Engine and Logitech G Hub. You can establish DPI levels, program the different buttons, and also dabble more esoteric choices, such as scroll and also click rates. You can additionally program approximately 5 onboard profiles and also as many other kept accounts as you like– valuable if you intend to appoint different choices for your entire video game collection. you can synchronize the RGB settings of each peripheral together, set up custom profiles with pre-specified settings for your mouse, keyboard, and headset that you can easily switch to depending on the game, and generally open up a degree of customization and functionality.

With Roccat Swarm, you can use your phone as a game controller and play PC games on the go. You can also customize your own button layout with more than 100 different configurable buttons for ultimate control over every aspect of gameplay. Roccat’s Swarm mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create your own custom layouts in just seconds- perfect for getting the most out of any gaming session! The mobile app also includes other cool features like a screenshot gallery, multimedia remote, and even exclusive offers from Roccat’s partners!

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Roccat Swarm Features

  • Show active driver profile
  • Turn auto-profile switching on or off
  • Set a profile as your default desktop profile
  • Switch between different illumination effects
  • Adjust illumination effect speed
  • Adjust illumination brightness
  • Turn illumination on or off
  • Show APM (actions per minute)
  • Show mistakes per hit (backspace presses)

Roccat Swarm Software Download

Roccat Swarm:>> Download For Windows<<
OS: Windows 
Version: V1.9438 File Size: 116.00 MB File Type: zip