Roccat NYTH

The Roccat Nyth is just one of its newest participants. The Nyth includes a transformative modular thumb area where you can individually place up to 12 responsive mechanical buttons. Sizewise, the Nyth is, like many MMO mice, rather big: roughly 5 inches long, by 3 inches wide, by 1.5 inches high. At 4.8 ounces, it’s likewise relatively hefty, however, you’d anticipate that. This isn’t a mouse for battle-arena-style video games, where quick, specific motion defeats nearly every little thing else. The Nyth’s strength is in fact a good thing when it involves MMO play, given that all the stress put on the side switches (and also the tilt activate top) would certainly otherwise often tend to send the Nyth skittering. The weight additionally assists against the pull of the reasonably rigid, knotted 72-inch cable that belongs to the device.

Roccat NYTH
Roccat NYTH

The Roccat Nyth allows you to eliminate every single button on the left panel and features a large roster of spares. In general, you have accessibility to 12 standard switches, 12 rounded buttons, six bigger buttons, and also 3 ‘stupid’ panels that make the switch rows useless. The buttons are opened from their setting utilizing a launch slider on the underside of the mouse, so don’t bother with knocking any one of them out mid-game. These side switches are a little tiny, which makes them tough to strike properly. And even worse still, they all remainder straight under the thumb; if you squeeze really slightly while making quick activities, it’s really simple to accidentally strike a secret. Letting your thumb drop to the very bottom of the computer mouse is a simple workaround for this, mind.

In the package, you get a 2nd set of 12 side switches (with a slightly bigger, more tilted feel), 6 double-wide switches, and also three quadruple-wide spaces that function as separators. There’s likewise room in the set to save the 12 side switches installed in the mouse when it pertains to changing them out. (There’s a side hold, too. We’ll handle that in a bit.).

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Roccat NYTH Features

  • Achieve ultimate precision with the 12000 DPI Twin-Tech Laser Sensor, adjustable in 1DPI increments
  • Program numerous buttons with the Modular Thumb Zone for extreme flexibility and modularity. Mid-Finger Fin Switch for lightning-fast and instinctive control
  • Assign secondary functions to each of the Roccat Nyth’s 18 plugged-in buttons with Easy-Shift technology
  • Hot-swappable Side Grips for a superior ergonomic and customizable grip for small and big hands
  • Keep on top and in full control of the Nyth and other Roccat products with gaming ecosystem Swarm, allowing for unprecedented product customization