Roccat Kone Pure Military

The Roccat Kone Pure Military is a gaming mouse that offers the best of both worlds. It comes with a military-grade laser sensor, which will give you the precision you need for FPS games while still allowing comfort and speed for MOBA games. This mouse also has an ergonomic design so it feels comfortable in your hand as well as having 8200 DPI to give you precise movements on-screen. If you’re looking for one gaming mouse to do it all, this may be the one! The Roccat Kone Pure Military is designed for gamers who like accuracy and quickness without sacrificing comfort or features. Whether playing first-person shooters or MOBAs, this gaming mouse provides precision with its 8000DPI laser sensor and comfort.

Roccat Kone Pure Military
Roccat Kone Pure Military

The Kone Military is an updated version of the Roccat Kone that was released in 2008. The mouse has been designed to be a gaming and office workhorse, with Omron switches for longevity, two large buttons for thumb control, adjustable DPI up to 8000DPI, long battery life via one button cell batteries, or USB cable. This mouse also features a laser sensor that provides high accuracy during gameplay or productivity tasks. Let’s take a closer look at all the amazing features this cool gadget offers. The Roccat Kone Pure Military is an updated version of the original Roccat Kone released in 2008. It has been designed as a gamer’s and office worker’s tool with its durability and ergonomic.

The Kone Pure Military is the ultimate gaming mouse for shooters. It has a military look to it with its camouflage design, but in reality, this all-purpose PC and Mac compatible gaming mouse can be used for anything from FPS games like Call of Duty to strategy games like Starcraft II. Roccat packed this mouse with features that make it top-notch, including an ultra-fast response time that allows you to react instantly at any given moment. The only downfall of such a powerful device is that it does not come cheap; the price tag on the Roccat Kone Pure Military ranges anywhere from $69.99-$89.99 depending on where you purchase it from so do your homework before making your final decision.

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Roccat Kone Pure Military Features

  • 5000dpi Pro-optic (R4) Sensor – For Precision Gaming At Its Best.
  • Roccat Click Master – Switch Tech Powered By Omron. Roccat Easy-shift[+] -button Duplicator Technology.
  • 32-bit Turbo Core V2 Processor – For Lightning-fast Computing Speed; Adjustable Dcu – Lift-off Distance Control.
  • 576kb Onboard Memory – Stores A Wealth Of Macros And Settings.
  • 16.8 Million-color Lighting – With Game Profile Illuminations.
  • 7 Mouse Buttons – Programmable + Solid 2d Titan Wheel.
  • Highest-quality Build – For The Longest Gaming Life.